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For decades, our global community has been tolerating leadership that sanitizes and promotes Islam as a religion of peace and coexistence, which suffers from a few radicals exporting international terrorism.  That Islam is a peaceful religion desirous of coexistence is an outright lie meant to keep the masses unassertive in demanding a genuine resolution to a proliferating problem.  In light of Qur'anic dictates and the resulting Islamic revolutionary reality, those leaders who continue to adhere to this misguided belief have elected to close their eyes to the clear and present danger that Islam poses to our world community.  The Qur’an teaches that Islam must dominate all societies, religions, systems, and peoples, and its adherents must participate in every facet of the jihad effort toward this goal.  The ongoing appeasement policies of our leaders, typically at Israel’s expense, have resulted in the expansion of Islam’s revolutionary reach to the farthest corners of our globe.  Whole societies plagued by yet another jihadist resurgence are falling under Islamic hegemony at an alarming rate because our public servants continue to avoid honestly evaluating the root cause of this conflict.  Such an evaluation is past time in coming and is crucial for developing an effective plan to stem this phenomenon while civilized society still can.  The worldwide Muslim community – the Ummah -- understands that well-earned public outcry against it is soon coming, so it is preemptively pushing for an international law that would stifle criticism of its fatalistic religion. 

Jihad is a “divine” institution of warfare whose purpose is to extend Islam into non-Islamic territories. The Qur’an compels Muslims to fight non-Muslims who resist or reject Islam until Allah’s name is supreme and his will firmly established as the ultimate authority in the world.  There will always be excuses generated to wage jihad, since in principle and practical outworking, jihad is offensive.  The Qur'an is replete with incitations and solicitations to fight the infidel – non-Muslims who refuse to submit to Islam – and oppressors -- those who stand in the way of its advance.  The success of the jihadists is a result of the Muslim community that supports them, and of civilized society's disproportionate tolerance toward the Islamic belief system.  Jihad and martyrdom are championed in all facets of Islamic life; across all socioeconomic strata.  It is an obligatory and sacred duty on the part of every Muslim to participate in jihad: from revisionist teaching within our halls of learning, to manipulating unstable minds of the disaffected on our streets and within our prisons, to financing operations and operatives via faith-based organizations, businesses and professional coteries, to spreading hate propaganda and serving as weapons depots in Mosques, to masquerading as “moderates” within our communities, to infiltrating the most sensitive posts within the public service sector – a corroborative; collective, continuous effort within Islam's host countries to facilitate Muslim warriors with their grisly agenda.  Muslims who avoid this compulsory duty are considered infidels.  Victimized countries and societies effected by the modern-day jihadist renaissance span the globe.

The so-called “palestinians” are a modern-day fabrication used by Islam to advance its sinister agenda.  The “palestinians” derived from Arab and Muslim transient and landless migrants and peasants from the lands neighboring Israel; not from the Aegean, non-Semitic ancient Philistines who dwelled in Caanan, as is feigned.  These Semites squatted on Jewish soil in search of work and better living conditions during several waves of Aliyah -- Jewish Return to their homeland, which was reduced to a territory of transmutable, provincial subdivisions; yet held a continual Jewish presence since their last expulsion in C.E. 70.  The “palestinian refugee” problem was a product of the Arab-Muslim war of aggression against the Jews, who transformed their ancient homeland into the modern state of Israel in 1948.  After inducing “palestinians” to abandon their homes in 1948 so that the vast Arab and Muslim armies could obliterate these few industrious Jews, and then suffering defeat, the Arab-Muslim bloc shut the door of citizenship on the unanticipated “refugees” and imprisoned them in perpetual camps along their borders.  Since then the “refugee” population figures were grossly exaggerated by the Arab and Muslim leaders, and further inflated by the United Nations (UN) subsidiary, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA), anomalously created for “palestinian refugees” in spite of an already existing UN refugee agency.  The UN's standardized definition for the world's refugees excluded descendants; yet UNWRA's special definition for “palestinian refugees” included descendants down to the third generation, and Arabs and Muslims living in “palestine” for only two years prior to Israel’s statehood, and “palestinians” from the 1967 Six-Day War, also initiated by the Arabs and Muslims, who again suffered defeat.  This double standard resulted in a lopsided situation, whereby the world's refugees were mainstreamed into society and their descendants absorbed within their host countries, while the artificially created “palestinian refugees” remain in UNWRA-sponsored camps, a ward of the international community and a drain on the Israeli economy.  UNWRA's ration books, used to provide statistical information on the “palestinian refugees,” were issued freely to the region's Arabs and Muslims, who sold them on the black market, which further bloated the “refugee” figures.  Today, “palestinians” claim a bogus “refugee” figure of 4.6 million, which, when combined with their “right-of-return” claim, poses an existential threat to the Jewish State.  In typical usurper fashion, between 1948 and 1973 the Arab-Muslim bloc embarked upon a massive, clandestine, officially ignored program of illegal immigration to Israel, and during this period Arab and Muslim leaders injected a myth of nationality into the “palestinian refugees” in order to create unwarranted “palestinian” nationalism, and stir up anger against the Jews, who remained undefeated militarily.  The “palestinians” have since gained notoriety as human bombs and propaganda tools in Islam's proxy war.  This strategy has served the Arab-Muslim bloc well in its quest to Islamize the entire Greater Middle East, a necessary precursor for world domination.

A two-state solution will not bring peace; instead, it will accelerate Islam’s world conquest.  Should 95% of Judaea and Samaria, the so-called “west bank,” become judenrein to accommodate a two-state solution, the genuine democratic check would be removed from the area, which would then be afflicted by a convergence of Islamic terrorist groups from the west and east banks.  Such a development atop the strategic hills of the Jewish heartland would provide a foothold for enemy states such as Iran and Syria that are sponsoring the terrorist operations inside Israel, and this would pave the way for an Islamic takeover of this critical area of the Fertile Crescent Region.  The move would tie together the Asian and African continents to form a vast Islamic sea, which would act as a catalyst for the transformation of the Greater Middle East into a borderless Shari'ah superstate.  This sweeping act of amalgamation would radically alter the existing balance of power on the world stage.  It would be at this opportune time, when Islam has a firm grip within its upgraded sphere of influence, and the “palestinians” have full control over the highly symbolic east Jerusalem and Temple Mount resultant from the two-state arrangement, that Islam would elevate itself to the supreme religious world order.  The Ummah would be incited to wage a multifaceted worldwide jihad that would be initiated from this theater and insurrections would break out within the host countries in order to accomplish subversive ascensions to power to seal Islam’s stranglehold over our global village.

Since sanitizing Islam, whitewashing its malfeasant leaders, bankrolling their agendas, and re-engineering unhinged societies have all resulted in exercises of futility that are draining our economies, eroding our security, and deepening the conflict, the citizens of our global village strongly urge that the following measures be taken by our world's leaders to remedy the situation:

(1)  Recognize publicly that Islam is a clear and present danger to the civilized world 

(2)  Insist that the Muslim community revise its teachings to promote tolerance and coexistence in all facets of Islamic life 

(3) Compel the Arab-Muslim bloc to repatriate its peoples, the so-called “palestinians,” and their descendants back into their natural Arab and Muslim homelands 

(4)  Terminate the Israeli-“palestinian” “peace” process and the two-state solution 

(5)  Investigate the UN's and UNWRA's misdeeds to date that have perpetuated the “palestinian” problem 

Since humanity hangs in the balance, business as usual is no longer an option.


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